On The Road culinary adventures works to bring you the very best in accommodations, venues and culinary experiences. To do this we contract with independent hotels, chefs, restaurants and farms on your behalf. Our goal is to allow you to experience a culinary adventure second to none with the hope that it will have a lasting affect on the way you think about food in the future.

On The Road culinary adventures works with these people and places to offer a very reasonable price. However, to do this requires us to make commitments with these businesses. It is your responsibility to read and understand all of the terms and conditions. Once you purchase tickets, make a deposit or pay directly with PayPal, you acknowledge having read and agree to the following binding policies:

Checking in: Our activities begin late afternoon on the first day (day of arrival). You may check in after 3 pm. Early check in may be available. Contact the hotel the day you plan to arrive to see if early check in is possible.

Arriving late: Please note that we are not allowed to wait for guests arriving late. Please make sure to make the necessary arrangements to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the tour. We are on a schedule with all the venues we visit. If your package includes coach transportation, the location of each stop of the event is provided should you need to separately join our group.

Weather Conditions: We conduct tours rain or shine. You are advised to carry an umbrella and dress appropriately for weather conditions. If the tour started, and in the event we are caught in severe weather, we will seek shelter in the nearest venue. Most of our tours are indoors (kitchens, barns, restaurants, hotels, etc.).

Attendee Cancellation: If you purchase a package that includes hotel accommodations, we must guarantee the room. If you need to cancel your reservation we must charge the cost of the room if we are unable to resell that space. There is a full refund if we can resell the space. There is a 50% cancellation fee if you cancel within 30 days and we cannot resell the space. We cannot offer any refund within 2 weeks of the event. You may purchase trip insurance if you are concerned about unexpected cancellation.

On The Road Culinary Tour Cancellation: In the event we are forced to cancel our culinary adventure, the full ticket price will be refunded back your account.

Dietary restrictions: The chefs have pre-arranged menus. If you are allergic to certain foods, you are responsible to check with the server or chef to verify ingredients. It is your personal responsibility if you try any foods you are not familiar with.

Acknowledgement of risks and hazards: Our culinary adventure will take you to potentially dangerous situations. You will work with chefs in kitchens where slips, falls, cuts, burns and other hazards exist. We will be in warehouses and factories that contain potentially hazardous situations. On farms, there are wild animals that can cause injury and even death. You will be asked to sign an acknowledgment of the risks and a waiver prior to taking part in any potentially hazardous activity.

Right to Distribute Media: You agree to grant On The Road culinary adventures an irrevocable royalty-free worldwide license to use photos and videos taken on its food tours in which you may appear. The Company has the right to reproduce, distribute, broadcast, exhibit, edit, digitize or in any other way use the Material by any means and in any form of media, whether existing now or created later, without restriction worldwide, by incorporating the Material into its website, catalogues, books, brochures, magazines or any other publications, or any informational, commercial, promotional or advertising material (henceforth known collectively as the “Works”). You agree that the company is and shall be the exclusive owner of all title, rights and interest in the Material and the Works, including copyright thereof.


Waiver of Liability and Assumption of Risk


On The Road culinary adventures coordinates culinary tours that involve potentially dangerous situations. Participants will be working with chefs in kitchens where there are many potential hazards such as but not limited to burns, cuts, pans falling, slips and falls. We also visit venues that can be hazardous like farms, wineries, distilleries, mines, caves and factories to name a few. Some of these venues contain wild animals such as but not limited to horses, cattle, sheep, bison/buffalo, chickens, pigs goats and bees. These animals can be dangerous. Butting, charging, spitting and biting are all possible. These animals can be unpredictable and can cause bodily harm or even death. You may also encounter insects or bugs that you may be allergic to that can cause respiratory problems, stings, swelling and even death.

As a participant on this culinary adventure, you acknowledge that you are taking certain risks and you are voluntarily taking these risks and that you will hold harmless the officers, partners, directors, employees, volunteers, agents, assigns and affiliated organizations. You are responsible for your own safety. If you are uncertain about any activity you may withdraw from that activity and wait in the safety of the secured venue or coach.

We cannot be responsible for your personal property so please keep a close watch over your possessions. You are responsible for your personal possessions.

Here’s the legal jargon:

Assumption of Risk: I fully understand and appreciate that this culinary adventure involves inherent risks and dangers and that despite precautions, accidents and injuries can occur. I understand that the activities I may undertake may be potentially dangerous and that I may be injured and/or damage or lose personal property or suffer financial loss.