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Gwen and Roger Pratesi

Gwen and Roger Pratesi

Gwen retired from corporate life ten years ago and now pursues her real passion…food and travel.   As an expert home chef, Gwen has honed her culinary skills from the time she was a young girl.  Gwen is the writer and co-producer of the food and travel lifestyle website,, where she shares her culinary creations.

In the past year, Gwen has become more focused on in-depth stories about the people and places behind our food.  Her travels in search of the best food experiences has taken her to unique farms, interviews with great American chefs and visits to some of the most beautiful culinary destinations.  These journeys have brought a new dimension to her writing.  Along the way, her husband joined in this culinary adventure.

Both Roger and Gwen have been moved by the passion of the people they have met and what they have learned from the farmers, chefs and businesses that they have encountered.

It has been this experience that has resulted in the creation of On The Road culinary adventures.  They wanted to share the beauty, the stories and the fabulous culinary experiences that have changed their lives.

After a career traveling the world as a Partner in an international management consulting firm, Roger has supported Gwen’s writing with photography of the food and places they visit.  As a long time photography hobbyist, and once a teacher of photography, Roger combines his photos with Gwen’s writing to bring the stories to life of the people and places behind our food.

We now hope you will join us on an experience not to be missed.  On The Road culinary adventures is focused on learning and enjoyment.  Who knows, it might just change your life too.

Gwen and Roger live in Atlanta, Georgia.